Dan Engineers & Consultants LTD

Dan Engineers & Consultants LTD., is a premium, professional and experienced company with expertise in the project management services, including engineering, consulting & supervision. As one of the leading companies in the market, Dan Engineers & Consultants covers all aspects of construction projects’ management & supervision; begin with early stages of preliminary planning & coordination, through feasibility and financial examinations for industrial, public and private sectors. .

Eng. Kobi Dan

Founded by Eng. Kobi Dan, a Senior and highly experienced Engineer, after years of obtaining vast experience in a long list of managing and supervising complicated projects in both the industrial and the public sectors. Prior to founding Dan Engineers & Consultants LTD., Eng. Kobi Dan served as a Project Manager at B.S.R Project Management, in which he managed and coordinated a large extent – engineering project, of a XNUMX sq. – BSR Towers.

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Systems-intensive projects

Residential buildings

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