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Dan Engineers & Consultants LTD., is a premium, professional and experienced company with expertise in the project management services, including engineering, consulting & supervision. As one of the leading companies in the market, Dan Engineers & Consultants covers all aspects of construction projects’ management & supervision; begin with early stages of preliminary planning & coordination, through feasibility and financial examinations for industrial, public and private sectors.

Founded by Eng. Kobi Dan in 2005, a senior and highly experienced Engineer, after years of obtaining vast experience in a long list of managing and supervising complicated projects in both the industrial and the public sectors. Prior to founding Dan Engineers & Consultants LTD., Eng. Kobi Dan served as a Project Manager at B.S.R Project Management, in which he managed and coordinated a large extent – engineering project, of a 130,000 sq. – BSR Towers.

Dan Engineers & Consultants LTD., specializes in establishing public buildings, industrial structures and large projects abundant in systems. The company operates leading Architectures, Electrical Planners, Supervisors, Communication Planners, Air Conditioning Planners, Plumbing Planners, Safety Planners, Acoustics Planners and any other aspect required for the project to succeed. The company conducts the planning management and supervise the work performed on site. Our team is able to deliver complicated projects on time and on budget. Projects we have carried out throughout the years, demonstrate our range, diversity, and areas of expertise.

Company’s clients include worldwide YMCA, a nonprofit organization – to which we managed the establishment of YMCA Sports Center in Jerusalem, a 10,000 sq. underground and 4 levels project and is considered one of the most unique and magnificent projects ever executed in Israel. As well as Deloitte Israel, Xilinx, Maytronics Israel, Elbit Systems to which we are currently managing the establishment of a servers and communication farm.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service, management & timetable, while obtaining an optimal control system, aiming for our customer’s full satisfaction.

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